Towards a Technological Theory of ePortfolios

One of my most substantial contributions to the discipline of composition never made it to the print of a journal. I created the web-based article, Towards a Technological Theory of ePortfolios, to be representative of a new era of publication.

This article is a very rich piece of scholarship that was submitted to Computers and Composition Online. I expected more and more journals to make the move towards the digital domain. Unfortunately, traditional paper print is still taken more seriously than digital print. Can you say #decentering? I knew you could.

Neurodiversity and Beyond

Recently, I have partnered with an important colleague and scholar, my wife, Marianna Henry, a very sought-after ADHD coach to co-publish a series of articles around the topic of Neurodiversity, specifically focusing on Attention Deficit Disorders, Autism, and Anxiety Disorders.