What Do I Do for Work?

While I have taught high school English courses, I usually teach college composition. Additionally, I research topics in technology, style, and neurodiversity. I am especially interested in working with students with ADHD, Autism, and Anxiety Disorders (like PTSD, Generalized Anxiety, Panic Disorder, and OCD). Finally, I currently serve on the editorial board of Computers and Composition Online.

When I am not teaching writing, I work with my university’s Office of Teaching and Learning to review courses and recommend changes to those who need help designing their courses. When combined with my technical communication background, I have extensive experience in instructional design.

What Do I Do When I'm Not Working?

Aside from spending time with my family, I am an accomplished bassist. Typically, I play big band jazz, contemporary jazz, and bebop, but I write songs in various genres (usually downtempo, dream pop, and trip hop). Funny story? My bass teacher, Joel DiBartolo, was the bassist for Johnny Carson and the Tonight Show Band for 18 years (Here's a clip of Joel and Johnny Talking), and he played on numerous soundtracks including Star Wars, Jaws, etc. After he retired from the Tonight Show band, he used to teach me in my parent's basement. Ironically, I took classes with him again in college.

Why Is Part of My Last Name in Parentheses?

With the support of my family and extended family, I started adding my Hispanic surname to professional works during the last few years in loving memory of my mother, Dolores Hernandez, who died very suddenly of an aggressive cancer. She was an exceptional human being, a nurse, and a songwriter/composer.

Lastly, many people repeatedly ask me about my ethnicity. Yes, I'm Hispanic with an English/French surname. In fact, my family has established large legacy within the musical community. For example, my uncle Xavier Bubba Hernandez is a two-time Grammy Winner (you have heard his music in many films. I am very proud to have his music be representative of Americano culture in the film, Fools Rush In (especially in the "wedding present" scene). My uncle, Ricardo Ricky Hernandez, is popular pianist and composer. Together, we are related to master composer Cenobio Hernandez, my great grandfather.

What Else Do I Want You to Know?

My wonderful wife, Marianna, is an academic coach and owner of MH Success Coaching. We have four wonderful children, a dog, and a cat. I love dogs. The cat is just a bonus.